The Power of Linens

What better way to make your event distinct, than through linens. Rich colors, unique textures, and specialty patterns… 

Solid, Sequin, Pintuck, Burlap, Damask, Neon, Stretch, Shantung, Satin, Burlap, Chevron, Tissue Lame, Lace, Organza…

There are literally endless options when it comes to linen choices. Because of this, it is helpful to think about what kind of feel you want for your event.

Classic In White

No matter what your event color palate is, you can of course rely on a traditional and classic white or ivory linen as your base. This enables you to work in any space or venue without competing with elements that may be out of your control and clean lines & look of a white tablecloth, complements any palate or centerpiece.  


A simple concept but can create quite a dramatic effect. Choose a solid tablecloth and bring in a second color, in the napkins. Or select a 2-3 different linen colors and use them evenly disperse or color-block sections of the room. Think about the room as a whole- not just a single table.

Specialty Linen

A broad name for specialty textures, patterns, fabrics. These linens bring you to the next level and give you the ability to make your event unique to its own. Use them in combination with solids to create a design with surprise and delight. Or luxe it up with a room full or lush pattern & texture. Your combination will set the signature for your space.

There are so many choices but don’t get overwhelmed yet – breathe! Think about what “feel” you want for your event…  bright, fun, traditional, elegant, natural, casual. Make an appointment with one of our event rental professionals. Nothing replaces being able to see & feel the fabrics in person. You can play table dress-up, touch the fabrics, and compare looks. We would love to help you select the perfect complements for your dream event. 

Photo Credits: Brook Allison Photography