MAKING THE HOLIDAYS SPARKLE… more important than ever in 2020

The holiday season has arrived and it look a little different in 2020. In light of large gatherings & events being canceled, we all have an opportunity to make our personal holidays something truly unique & extra special, right in our own homes.

DECK OUT YOUR TABLE– With fewer guests to cook for, why not spend your energy making the table extra special. If you need some additional spacing, you can add tables or chairs to your mix. Spice up the décor by renting specialty linens, napkins, unique china & glassware.  You would be surprised at how much this creative atmosphere add to everyone’s enjoyment. I swear the food will even seem tastier. Plus… when you rent, it makes for easy clean-up! All you have to do is rinse for return and you can get back to the family game of charades or cozy up for a movie. 

GET CRAFTY–Create or order place cards for your dinner guests (you can even include a place holder for those celebrating from afar). This could be a fun activity for the kids too. So many ideas from using leaves from outdoors, coloring or printing a festive shape to cut out, writing a riddle or description to guess of who this seat is saved for…

ADD A TENT– You want to have more space so your family can spread out or for your guests that aren’t comfortable being inside. A perfect extension of your home that affords you space to spread out. Make it your own, complete with heating, seating, lighting and décor options.

VIRTUAL DINNERS & FRIENDSGIVINGS– Coordinate simultaneous dinners the same table décor with family/friends from afar and then connect virtually. No holiday celebration would be complete without party games, which are just as much fun as they are in person. Virtual games, such as QUIZ UP or JACKBOX are perfect options to entertain your guests. You can even make your dinner a bit of a competition where you must use a certain color or theme – awards could be “most festive”, “most like Martha”, “most creative use of _____”. All for bragging rights, of course. If you are looking for a simple way to engage your guests, simply have each describe a grateful memory they have of someone present on the call. The holidays are all about quality time with friends & family, so make it fun for you and your loved ones.